Demonstration areas of e-commerce’s stepping into rural areas

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In recent years, China’s various forms to promote e-commerce and precision poverty alleviation from the depth of integration, has explored a variety of electronic business accurate poverty alleviation model. Poverty alleviation by electricity providers has not only created a new economic growth point in poverty-stricken areas, but also helped the poor people to increase their […]

American e-commerce companies would like to create another record

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According to foreign media reports, with the rise of online shopping, the US electricity providers will usher in a new spring. Research firm eMarketer data show that this year’s holiday shopping season, the major providers of electricity sales will reach 94.71 billion US dollars. As a result, electricity sales in the holiday shopping season accounted […]

The cost of internet traffic

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In 2013, China’s online advertising market for the first time exceeded 100 billion yuan, reaching 110 billion, and maintained a growth rate of 46.1%. And in 2011 and 2012, it has become the Internet marketing industry in China’s hot year, according to IT orange records, 2011 and 2012 in advertising and marketing field total of […]

Tongshan e-commerce steps into the countryside

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Reporter learned from the Tongshan County Bureau of Commerce, organized by the Ministry of Commerce in the e-commerce into the rural performance evaluation, the county e-commerce into the rural comprehensive pilot pilot performance evaluation score of 85.5 points in the urban counties of Hubei Province ranked first , A comprehensive demonstration of the pilot counties […]

Souguo search engine offers best advise for you

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Everyone has a dream around the world, but in the actual travel abroad, despite a lot of Raiders, will encounter the English expression is not correct and understand each other semantically wrong “foreign embarrassment.” Effectively resolve the problems caused by communication barriers, and timely provision of solutions is a lot of outbound tourists in urgent […]

Less and less people buy high-end luxury items now

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Chanel Group of Jewish tycoons Alain Wertheimer and GĂ©rard Wertheimer brothers controlled by, has refused to publicly available financial data. But recently after its holding company Chanel International BV Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce to publish financial data company located in the Netherlands, the famous French luxury goods group in the past year’s performance is glimpse […]